EDX Jamaica July 4th 2015

Electronic dance music (EDM) the kinda music that’s filled with high energy and EDX Jamaica brought just that, kept at the Caymans polo club the perfect spacious venue for a concert with lots of parking, a pricey price tag of $6,500 per person drink inclusive food not included.


Blue strobe lights guided you to the entrance from the gate upon entering view of a massive stage and bar set up from both sky vodka and Appleton on both sides of the venue, a small section where you can grab some food, your Choice of either hot dog, jerk chicken or soup and a detox section with coffee for the persons who will go overboard tonight


Gates opened at 8pm put the usual jcan style person started pouring in around 12am with patrons dressed ready for a rave, soon enough the venue was filled and the bars were busy i got myself  some bad dogg hot dogs then off to the bar to get my drink on.


The bars provided premium Liquor with sky vodka bringing out their new flavoured vodkas personal my favourite been the moscato but you also had your choice of red or white wine for the more fancy drinkers and Heineken beer for persons who aren’t so fussy, Appleton brought out the rum including their Appleton Reserve.


Now the party was in full swing musical  styling came from the likes of Dj Kimkat, DJ Lima and the main act DJ Tydi  the music selection was just right with a number of persons already hyped up.
Dj Kimkat started it off raising the tempo and getting everyone in a jumping frenzy.



By the time DJ Lima Came on stage I was on my fourth drink of vodka& cranberry, glow sticks were given out to the crowd and everyone was dancing jumping and waving.


Then dancers came out and the energy was amazing the tempo rose I bumped my fist so hard to the base drop my watch tore off lol, When DJ TYdi came on stage to further increase the tempo it got complimented with fire works (see vid)

Now that I’ve lost count of how many  drinks I’ve had am totally hyped sweating from all the dancing but this party was no where ready to end

All in all it Was a great concert the liquor flowed the woman were out in their splendor (sorry no pics of em 😦 ) and the energy and music had you dancing all night long its was my first time attending EDX but it def won’t be my last.




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