CHILL July 12 2015

CHILL!!.. no I’m not telling you to clam down it’s the name of the party “CHILL” held at the Cayman’s polo club with a pricey tag of $6000JMD-$7000 at the gate per person but unlike EDX this was both food and drink inclusive. Now don’t let the name fool you it may give the impression of a laid back vibe but these people know how to party upon entry your greeted with a sign of one of the sponsors and a photo op area for all those who want people to know their at chill image Along with signature cups to get your drink on, Inside your greeted by a bar on the left and a view of the DJ booth on the right, a nice area set up for the VIPs with their own bar and another bar at the back near the food court so getting a drink will be of relative ease. image image Gate open at 4pm but the usual JA style patrons started to roll in late Around 5-6 with ladies looking classy & sexy and men all swagged out. The bars provided top shelf liquor you had your choices of flavoured vodkas, Appleton Rum, Bailey’s Rum cream and your Red and White wine for the classy drinkers as always. The food court provided some tasty options  with an assortment of pizza from dominoes chicken cicadas, big cheese burgers (which i had to have) hot dogs, pasta, jerk chicken& pork also shrimp so there was more than enough choices to keep one satisfied. image The party has begun with music from the likes of DJ Cruise and well-known Copper shot things started off with DJ cruise who got the party warmed up In the early stages while patrons flooded the bars and food court, by the middle of his set the dance floor was packed but in my opinion he wasn’t able to be consistent with his selection of songs, first he would get you hyped the bring you down which was a bit annoying but most people where probably too busy having fun to notice also during the event if the selfie enthusiast took a pic with their friends with hashtag Smirnoff their pics would be displayed on the screens at the party. image Up next was Copper shot and they seemed to noticed what i did so from the start of their set they appeased the ladies much to the delight of the men with songs that had the ladies hands on their knees shaking what they mama gave em 😀 when the ladies worked up a sweat they switched to the hardcore dancehall songs which was well received from both male and females alike with the standard gun finger salute and bow bow bow!!! from their lips. Liquor flowing food munching and high tempo music the party was swinging DJ Cruise came back on the ones and twos and redeemed himself with a slew of Soca songs for the ladies and if the ladies are happy were happy 😉 followed by some recent hip hop that had the whole place dancing Nea NEA and all. As the night went on Copper shot took back over playing some dancehall to keep the crowd moving for those who weren’t ready to leave with patrons moving in unison to the latest dancehall moves “shampoo” (yes that’s the name of a dance lol) and kreech, as the party died down pleased patrons left the venue some had to be carried by friends after over indulging but definitely a successful event the party might be named CHILL but was farr from it.. Until my next review party peeps. 


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