Beach Bums July 25.2015

Beach Bums: one of the most anticipated parties of the summer hosted by Smirnoff Ice.  Unlike your regular beach party, this isn’t kept on some beach. Nope. You gotta drive to the parish of Port Royal then take a boat or yacht (depending on how much you got) and traverse the Caribbean Sea to a little island called Maiden Cay. Tickets are $3,500 pre-sold and $4,000 at the gate, or in this case, shore. Food and drink are inclusive.

The most interesting part of my day came when I reached the harbour. I didn’t have the mula (money) to board a yacht so I had to settle for a banana boat (that fisher men use) and there were plenty of them waiting to bring patrons to the island at a cost of $1,000 for a round trip.

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UBER@Club Privilege (the twisted spirit edition) July 24.2015

Club privilege, One of the premier clubs located in Kingston Jamaica on the infamous hip strip. As the names suggest it’s a club for the classy, sophisticated even the well put together, sporting some of Jamaica’s  hottest women, and the gents are swanking as well.
One such event that brings them out is the well-known Appleton UBER kept every Friday night, Ladies are $1,000JMD Men $2,000JMD drink inclusive and its the premier spot to be on a Friday night.

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Ill be back

Hey party fans sorry I’ve been absent been crazy busy with these events over the pass few days..but worry not i got tons of reviews coming your way for some of the premier parties this summer things have finally slowed down so can expect some reviews later this week… rave on party people ✌