Reggae Sumfest July 12-18 2015

Reggae Sumfest the well-known, well renowned three day music festival kept in Montego Bay Jamaica, given this is a three day festival ill be covering the days in one review and will only speak on the performances that were well received or memorable.
Each night has a theme there’s Dancehall night, International night 1 and 2

Dancehall night
So lets begin with dancehall night noticeably the biggest night of the 3 due to the fact both local and tourist love the dancehall vibe, tickets will run you about $3,500JMD at the gate and that’s entry only, food and drink are on sale inside the venue, tonight will be special due to the fact that the first time in Sumfest history (which is about 20years or older) a female act will close the show and this will be done by none other than the queen of dancehall herself lady Saw more on that later. now about 10pm with a steady flow of patrons coming in the first main act took the stage, the versatile “Bugle” which wasted no time in hitting patrons with some of his well-known songs even a little free style which was well received.imageOther noticeable performance was dancehall superstar “Spice” who made and entrance onto stage in full LED gear then singing her hits to much of the delight of the woman who sang along word for word followed by a some sexy acrobatics on the stage to appease the men.


Another good performance was from Popcann (yes that’s his name) with his new catchy slang (kick outtt) followed by his hit songs.
Other good performances came from the likes of Adionia,Konshens for the ladies and  I-Octane which during His set fans had fire works ringing through the air, another noticeable set was from the fire man “Capleton” who in his usual style blazed the fire on stage. (not literally)

But the performance to remember was that of the dancehall queen Lady Saw and she didn’t come on stage until 5am by this time patrons were leaving but she was not to be undone as her set was explosive, in real lady Saw fashion the queen entertained the crowd with her hits and antics one of which was bending over and dancing with a cameraman on stage then she proceeded to grab his manhood to the delight of the crowd who screamed and cheered in amusement, it was well into the morning and the queen had the crowd caught up in her performance so much that at about 7am she had to beg fans to leave the venue as that was the end of her set and the show, fans eager for more finally decided to exit the venue with her performance on their lips, Lady saw had definitely displayed why she was queen of the dancehall this morning.

International night1
The seconds night wasn’t as action packed and you had to spend a little more out pocket to get in at $6,000JMD there were good performances though from the likes of Kabaka pyramid igniting the rebel within with his hit never gonna be a slave and “warrior”


And then there was veteran reggae artist Coco tea who entertained with some classical hits, but the performance that stood out for the Friday night was from the hip-hop star and rap legend “Common” who gave a full performance dropping some hits then inviting a young lady on stage and serenading her with a freestyle along with lyrics from his song “come close”


after that we got a little session from commons DJ while he took a breather mixing some dancehall and old school hip-hop, soon after common was at it again with the lyrical fire and me spitting word for word cause you know real hip hop.. then he slowed down the tempo with his vocalist hitting some notes, he was well received by the crowd and did a great set.


Then up next was TI who was a late addition to the show due to the Boss uh!!! Rick Ross been arrested prior to the show but TI came and did his thing alongside the king of Dancehall Beenie Man and they sang their hit together.

International night 2
Now this was a slow night as most of the acts booked for tonight didn’t really entice patrons aside from the king of dancehall Beenie man who always gives a good performance, an unexpected great performance came early from the group called LUST who slewed audience hit after hit and stirred the crowd and this was evident by the screams and cheers they got. international super star Jennifer Hudson came and did her thing hitting them high notes in her usual style and she was looking quite gorgeous.


Been it the last night of sumfest it was closed out by none other than the king of Dancehall himself Beenie man and in his usual flamboyant style entertained the crowd with his array of dance moves and lyrics and this went on straight into day light.

imageIn conclusion dancehall night was the best night of the three but performances from the other two nights were enough to Keep one content and entertained thus ending another Reggae Sumfest the greatest reggae show on earth.


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