UBER@Club Privilege (the twisted spirit edition) July 24.2015

Club privilege, One of the premier clubs located in Kingston Jamaica on the infamous hip strip. As the names suggest it’s a club for the classy, sophisticated even the well put together, sporting some of Jamaica’s  hottest women, and the gents are swanking as well.
One such event that brings them out is the well-known Appleton UBER kept every Friday night, Ladies are $1,000JMD Men $2,000JMD drink inclusive and its the premier spot to be on a Friday night.

Tonight is a little different though with a special theme, Twisted Spirits Edition, Twisted is a long running and well-known event kept in Jamaica and is apart of “Dream Weekend” which is literally a weekend of non stop partying (Sorry no review this year ) so with dream weekend coming up tonight is to promote Twisted.

Got the club close to 12am and a fair amount of patrons were lined up outside, ladies looking flawless as usual, once I got in took a walk around I noticed two bars were open, one for bottle service the other for the free drinks, you had your choice of Appleton Rum or Sky vodka anything else you had to come out-of-pocket, there was also a premixed special that was served in these nice branded glowing cups.


Musical stylings came from DJ Cyrus and DJ cruise, it was a nice early vibe as the club began to get packed DJs played some old school hip hop and dance hall to set the mood, Soon by 1am the club was pretty much packed


Which made getting a refill a bit of a task as the one bar for free liquor was crowed with patrons trying to get their drink on.

As the night progressed the vibe intensified with hit songs one after the other a dancing session ensued where patrons and myself participated in with popular dances like “crazy hype” “Sesame Street” among others, then went into the hip hop version where patrons did “Stanky leg”, “two-step”, and the ever so popular NEA Nea which I didn’t dance to of course cause you know..real hip hop 😎 lol.

Patrons worked up a sweat but it didn’t stop there as it was time for the ladiess 😁 and they did display their skills, waistlines moving seductively, booty shaking and twerking, it was quite the spectacle to see and the men who weren’t shy joined in dancing showing the ladies they can keep up.

The tempo slowed down a bit giving patrons the chance to catch their breaths with ticket give-aways for twisted spirit, but getting a drink was still a hassle as the bar was constantly packed.
a steady vibe continued for the remainder of the night and by 4am patrons started to trickle out as the party died down,it was another successful Uber at club privilege with patrons all danced out and satisfied.


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