I love Soca cooler fete September 26.2015

I like soca music simply cause it involves sexy women in short shorts with round behinds shaking and whining.
One such event that provides this bliss is I LOVE SOCA cooler fete: a well known Soca party ( which means you came with your igloo full of alcohol, and friends). This staging was kept at the waterfront, downtown.


I had heard good things about this event which is why I was eager to go. Upon my arrival, there were beautiful women in their tight shorts everywhere; walking with their igloos. Eye-candy heaven! I said to myself, “This is gonna be a good night.” So I thought.

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Forever Beach (SPF WEEKEND)

SPF Weekend: a summer party series fairly new, just about 3 years old, but with a similar theme to its older counter parts ATI (no longer kept) and Dream Weekend (which is a weekend of non stop partying). SPF is the new kid on the block and has made a name for itself with its signature event Soirée (more on that later)

The first event on the list is one called Forever Beach, formerly called Fiction Beach. The theme is a bonfire beach party kept at Dunn’s River Falls beach. Sounds pretty awesome right? The ticket ran you about 10k JMD or 90 USD.

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Black and white Affair july 25th 2015

We call it Dance!! No not like what you have at prom. This is the Jamaican version DANCE. The kinda parties that helped put dancehall on the map where selectors (DJ’s) juggled music with promising artist doing freestyle. Things have changed since then with these parties being more hardcore and selectors doing more talking than playing music. If you want to catch the old school vibe, where the original Rum heads (drunks) entertained with some stylish dance moves and the DJ’s played the old hits, then follow me as I journey to the country side (rural) of Manchester to a place called Comfort Hall.
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