Forever Beach (SPF WEEKEND)

SPF Weekend: a summer party series fairly new, just about 3 years old, but with a similar theme to its older counter parts ATI (no longer kept) and Dream Weekend (which is a weekend of non stop partying). SPF is the new kid on the block and has made a name for itself with its signature event Soirée (more on that later)

The first event on the list is one called Forever Beach, formerly called Fiction Beach. The theme is a bonfire beach party kept at Dunn’s River Falls beach. Sounds pretty awesome right? The ticket ran you about 10k JMD or 90 USD.


The event was to start at 11pm to 6am but gates didn’t open up to patrons until around 1am due to late set up and poor organization.  some genuis decided to dynamite the bedrock of the beach which caused the tide to come in so no bonfire.

Due to the late start patrons eager to party poured in. The timing was terrible as it was the same time organizers were setting up the lavatories at the entrance of the beach which didn’t sit well with some patrons from the obvious cringe on their faces.


So they party began and the beach slowly got packed with beautiful women in their bathing suits and men swanked out. Spinning on the ones and twos were DJ Lanky and DJ Cruise. Cruise started a early vibe as patrons went to get their grub on.

The menu had a.. tasty variety but the long line was a turn off. Everyone seemed to have food on their minds at the same time but after the wait I finally got some grub then went off to the bar to drink.


The alcohol was mid range: you had your wines, vodkas, Appleton reserve and Patron. By this time the DJs were playing the late 90s hip hop and dancehall songs which was pleasing to the mature audience.

Shots of Patron were handed out throughout the night in viles to patrons. Some even got turnt up too fast and had to be taken to the ambulance. The tempo picked up and the party had a steady nice vibe. The selection of music from DJ Lank and Cruise did well to have the whole party moving.

My favourite part as usual came when the ladies began to get down. DJ Lank got the ladies to work up a sweat. The tempo was up when, out of nowhere, rain began to fall and pretty hard too. This had patrons scattering for cover it and even made some of the patrons leave.


However, it was not over. This party was going until morning. The rain fell for about 15 minutes then finally eased up. The DJs wasted no time in rebuilding the tempo and went into a stream of dancing songs and those who stayed got back the vibe right away.

The party continued on a steady pace for the remainder of the night and probably well into the morning but I left at about 4am. So, despite the late start, long wait for food and showers from mother nature I did enjoy myself at Forever Beach.


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