I love Soca cooler fete September 26.2015

I like soca music simply cause it involves sexy women in short shorts with round behinds shaking and whining.
One such event that provides this bliss is I LOVE SOCA cooler fete: a well known Soca party ( which means you came with your igloo full of alcohol, and friends). This staging was kept at the waterfront, downtown.


I had heard good things about this event which is why I was eager to go. Upon my arrival, there were beautiful women in their tight shorts everywhere; walking with their igloos. Eye-candy heaven! I said to myself, “This is gonna be a good night.” So I thought.

Entry was $2500 at the gate $200 pre sold. If you didn’t walk with an igloo you would end up buying a 750mlΒ  bottle of alcohol, whether rum or vodka, and your chaser (no mixed drink). They even sold bags of ice if you needed it.


Once we got inside it was fairly packed with a lot more people coming in. Everywhere you looked you saw people with their igloos drinking, laughing and some dancing. I hit the bar, got us some alcohol and found our spot for the night.

The soca music was provided by DJ Bankay, DJ Lantern and another one I don’t remember. Chilling for awhile, it became apparent that much of the people weren’t dancing, just rocking from side to side, drinking and talking. I figured the night was young and people weren’t drunk yet, but as the night progressed it remained the same. People acted like it was a social instead of a Soca party.

The selection of music was poor. The DJs failed to keep a consistent tempo; the music was just all over the place and they kept repeating the same songs over and over which definitely contributed to the lack luster attitude from patrons. Another issue was with the speakers in the back of the venue. They kept malfunctioning so persons in the back complained of the poor sound quality and they took forever to fix it.

The night went on and the DJs didn’t inspire. Bankay is an EDM DJ so I couldn’t understand why he was booked for the event. A little light at the end of the tunnel came when DJ Lantern came on, but even he couldn’t keep a consistent tempo and played songs that were played 5 times already. He engaged the crowd but that still wasn’t enough and he kept playing new Soca songs no one knew so it just killed the vibe.

About an hour before 2 am I actually started enjoying myself. That’s when they started to play dancehall. I guess they finally noticed playing the same song wasn’t doing the job. So my first I LOVE SOCA was a flop. The DJs failed to mix properly and keep a proper tempo. Basically the only way one could enjoy this party was if you were too drunk to care and even then with the constant replaying of the same songs it was enough to get anyone sober.


7 thoughts on “I love Soca cooler fete September 26.2015

  1. Mervis says:

    Yes i agree it was great at the start wonderful turn out but had a problem with the purchasing of alcohol, i found it a bit expensive. Gave it 6 out 10


  2. Trudy says:

    Another good read Damani. Big ups DJ Lantern MD never disappoints!! “Stiffest” soca party ever tho…but i really didnt notice all these shortfalls caz #mycircle took our fun with us! Pow πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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