Smirnoff Tommy Trash veiwing party Aug. 21.2015

Smirnoff viewing party from Los Angeles: A live performance streamed on a big screen for patrons in Kingston and Ochi Rios to view. The person performing tonight was EDM DJ Tommy Trash..ever heard of him? Me neither, but being a big EDM fan I wanted to check it out.

Kept at Terra Nova pavillion in Kingston, the only way to experience this event was by invite and to get that patrons had to answer quizzes on Smirnoff Facebook page. I don’t usually have luck with these kinda things but I tried my luck and answered the question online and VOILA!! I had won two tickets. Continue reading


Utopia August 1st 2015

Utophia a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities. And in terms of a party the event called UTOPIA gave you just that.
Kept at the hidden gem called paradice beach located in trelawny Jamaica, a beautiful beach off the beaten path.

Tickets were $9,500 ($80US) for the ladies and $12,500 ($110US) for the gents, invites came in the form of envelops that weren’t to be opened until one got there. But don’t let the price frighten you cause you got your money’s worth.

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