Utopia August 1st 2015

Utophia a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities. And in terms of a party the event called UTOPIA gave you just that.
Kept at the hidden gem called paradice beach located in trelawny Jamaica, a beautiful beach off the beaten path.

Tickets were $9,500 ($80US) for the ladies and $12,500 ($110US) for the gents, invites came in the form of envelops that weren’t to be opened until one got there. But don’t let the price frighten you cause you got your money’s worth.

Parking was done on a football field and Shuttle service was provided to bring patrons to the beach, as it isnt easily found.. (like I said hidden Gem) the drive took about 15-20 minutes and once you got there you literally reached paradice.


Once in your greeted by crystal blue waters blue sky and white sands, to your left was the set up of bars and a sky deck for the DJ, to your right was the food court along with sponsors bar like the hotel iberostar.


To compliment the theme a little booth was set up at the entry for patrons to get sun screen lotion, sunglasses and even beach slippers,You had your coconut jelly man providing cool coconut water.

The bars had everything from Appleton rum to vodka, beers, red bull even top shelf liqour like hennessey and patron, there was even bars set up specifically for wines and moet&chandon champagne.


The only thing one had to ask themselves is how aren’t they not gonna get stone drunk? but even that was covered by the dextox bar and the variety of food provided at the food court from soups to shrimp, pasta, chicken, hot dogs etc.

Music for the day was spot on the DJs I remembered where jazzy T and Collin hinds mixing the hits, for those who came early it was a relaxing setting of soaking up the sun or playing and swimming in the glistening water, by late afternoon the beach was packed and the party was in full swing beautiful people everywhere dancing, chatting and drinking.


By sunset it was turnt UP!! everyone was dancing on the beach and with Collin Hinds playing the 90s dancehall hits everyone got down💃 the event was scheduled to end at 7pm and still you had patrons paying to come in and due to epic vibe the party went on for another full hour.

Beautiful women, perfect scenery variety in both food and alcohol uptopia did indeed provide the perfect ambiance for the ulimate beach party experience.


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