Mello vibes(triple threat) Oct.31.2015

Mello Vibes aka “Big People Thing”, is a well known, ongoing event that brings the best of what Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Soca has to offer. The 70s 80s and 90s are arguably the best years for these genres and with the massive crowd at tonight’s staging, this theory has bearing.

Hosted at The New Mas Camp (The parking lot of The National Stadium) Tonight’s edition is dubbed triple threat due to the three DJ’s who will be entertaining patrons, namely: DJ Marvin, ZJ liquid, and Krazy Kris all three veteran DJ’s who know how to rock a party.

Admission is $800 presold $1000 at the gate. Ladies $500 before 12 midnight. Despite my late arrival (about 2:30 AM) after passing through three different locations earlier, it was noticeable that quite a few party-goers where leaving given the late hour at which point we were left pondering the plausibility of the idea. no one wants to waste money on an event just to party for a single hour.

Ultimately we made a collective decision to purchase the tickets and went in. I was in for a surprise. The number of persons we had seen leaving would have given the impression that inside would have been fairly empty but it was PACKED!! RAM UP!! FULL!! There were people in every corner from one end of the venue to the other.


We made our game plan and headed for the bar, this was not a drink inclusive event so you had to purchase your alcohol, we got ourselves a bottle of Appleton Reserve rum 🍷some cranberry juice, ice and set out navigating through the crowd to find a suitable spot to settle for the night.

We found a spot not too crowded near by the rest rooms. We arrived at the peak of the party so the DJ was playing 90s dancehall which got the usual gun salute and patrons shouting POW POW POW💥 in unison, we poured out our drinks and got into the vibe immediately.

A slew of 80s-90s dancehall songs were played bringing back those nostalgic feelings of youth which was evident among the mature crowd and it being my favourite year for dancehall music, I was well into the groove. Had that not been enough, the DJ switched it up for the ladies and the atmosphere changed. Grown women could be seen bending over as if  they had rediscovered their twenties. As many of these women were old enough to have mothered me, I was not too quick to join them, despite the fact that some of them were noticeably hot. 😋


The DJ switched the genre to soca. I watched gleefully as the ladies carried on (quite badly I must add) but with no action for me i made my way to another section of the party where i could get a bird’s eye view. The DJ’s were adept at catering to the ladies playing songs like “Hey Mickey” and “Like A Virgin” as the ladies sang at the top of their lungs.

Steady vibe continued for the remainder of the night with the DJ’s asking the crowd if they were ready to go home and the overwhelming response indicated that they wanted more. Of course the DJs complied by continuing to release the hits  until the venue slowly empited.

For an event dubbed Mello Vibes there was certainly nothing mello about it: Check out clip of Mello Vibes. IG@shermz_partyheart.


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