SShhhhh Midnight Rave Dec.22.2015

Silent Disco: an event where music is transferred through wireless headphones instead of loud speakers; a concept that is popular in the States. You can have an EDM concert or office parties with little noise pollution so it’s ideal for venues in the city.

I had my reservations about this one. Why? Because, I also had a similar concept in mind and sent a proposal to a few prominent establishments and companies looking for sponsorship. So imagine my shock when I saw this, and with the same name. Anyway, let’s not point fingers. As they say: no idea is original.

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Major lazer & friends concert Dec.18.2015

Major lazer kill dem… Everyone should know Major Lazer by now. If not, you’ve clearly been living under a rock with Patrick seriously.

Major Lazer came back to JA for another big concert. Last time he brought Skrillex (which I missed, damn it), but this time be brought Martin Garrax, well known EDM DJ, and I’d be damned if I was going to miss this one.

The event was sponsored by Bacardi and kept at the Mas Camp; suitable area to host an EDM concert. The tickets were $3000 JMD pre-sold and $4000 JMD at the gate. Here’s the sucky part: it wasn’t drinks inclusive…Β πŸ˜’

Normally I wouldn’t pay so much for an event that doesn’t offer free alcohol with that price tag but I had to experience Major Lazer for myself so fuck it. Continue reading

Fame95 beach party Nov.29.2015

One of the best radio stations in Jamaica is no doubt fame 95 Fm; with some of the most renowned DJ’s in house, some of them even made their names playing on this station.

Now and then, Fame 95 likes to host its own series of parties for its loyal fans WPF was one of them, WPF (wet, foam, paint): the Dancehall vs Soca edition held was at Boardwalk Beach…so you know what that means? Girls in short shorts ready to get wet πŸ™‚

General admission was $800 and $2500 drink & food inclusive for the stush folks who don’t wanna get wet.
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