Fame95 beach party Nov.29.2015

One of the best radio stations in Jamaica is no doubt fame 95 Fm; with some of the most renowned DJ’s in house, some of them even made their names playing on this station.

Now and then, Fame 95 likes to host its own series of parties for its loyal fans WPF was one of them, WPF (wet, foam, paint): the Dancehall vs Soca edition held was at Boardwalk Beach…so you know what that means? Girls in short shorts ready to get wet πŸ™‚

General admission was $800 and $2500 drink & food inclusive for the stush folks who don’t wanna get wet.

The party began at 4 pm but knowing how party goers are in JA I didn’t arrive until 9 pm By then, a steady stream of patrons started to roll in. once there, I was greeted to the musical styling of veteran DJ Arif Cooper playing some old school dancehall hits, much to my approval the old hits continued for an hour then switched to some soca.

Most of the patrons wasted no time jumping in the foam and getting wet while dancing to the soca hits, I myself just watched in amusement from afar; not that i’m too stush for that kinda thing but I didn’t come prepared.

A high tempo ensued and remained throughout the night. The crowd wasn’t as big as I expected, but a fair amount came out on the Sunday night, what was even better was VIP was empty; almost everyone was in front the stage or in the foam pit, only returning to the VIP section to refill their cups then head back into the fray.

Soon after, the attention shifted to front stage where you had the voluptuous Yanique (a well known and sexy TV personality) hosting a dance off between slim girls and fluffy (another word for fat or big boned) .

The crowd cheered and watched as the girls showed off their dancing skills and carried on with their antics on stage. The vibe didn’t stop there, after another dancing session there was a performance from the well know dancehall duo RDX Β who took the stage singing their hits ” Kotch” and “Jump jump” which had persons both on stage and in the crowd getting down.

After their performance another artist took to the stage singing another hit song that suited the ladies, in the end the alcohol flowed the energy was consistent and the music was on point, I would deem this edition of WPF a success.

for clips of this event and Yanique’s big booty πŸ˜‰ Β visit my IG page @shermz_partyheart.


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