Major lazer & friends concert Dec.18.2015

Major lazer kill dem… Everyone should know Major Lazer by now. If not, you’ve clearly been living under a rock with Patrick seriously.

Major Lazer came back to JA for another big concert. Last time he brought Skrillex (which I missed, damn it), but this time be brought Martin Garrax, well known EDM DJ, and I’d be damned if I was going to miss this one.

The event was sponsored by Bacardi and kept at the Mas Camp; suitable area to host an EDM concert. The tickets were $3000 JMD pre-sold and $4000 JMD at the gate. Here’s the sucky part: it wasn’t drinks inclusive… 😒

Normally I wouldn’t pay so much for an event that doesn’t offer free alcohol with that price tag but I had to experience Major Lazer for myself so fuck it.

The gates opened at 8pm but me and the crew didn’t arrive until 10pm. When we got there it was full of…TEENS yes teenagers. Those pimply, hormone raging little humans that we all once were some point in our life.

I was actually surprised how many there were. Grown folks were also present but outnumbered. Despite feeling like a relic among them, I was gonna enjoy this show plus I already spent 3 grand.


On the inside there was already a crowd gathered in front the stage while some roamed the bars and others got their glow sticks. DJ Kamal Bankay was warming up the crowd with MC Supa Hype.

Next stop was the bar. Alcohol ranged from $300-500 with various mixes of Bacardi. After getting our drinks it was time to find our spot for the night. What was noticeable was all the grown folk stayed in the back or at the bar but I found myself in middle wanting to get a good view.


After Kamal’s set then came on Chromatic who played a good set of dancehall music which was well received by the crowd. MC Supa Hype entertained with some antics on stage.

Next to the stage was dancer and artist Chi Ching Ching (yes you read right) who sang some of his hits and his popular slogan “Kick outttt!!!” It didn’t end there. Soon after they brought out the enigmatic Tanto Blacks which got the crowd in an uproar.

In his usual fashion he sang one of his song while getting the crowd to follow along with his famous slangs. Odd fellow but the crowd loved it.


Then it was time for the first main act, Martin Garrix. His intro began with the piano sound of his hit “Animals”, then when he  appeared on stage the screams erupted then the bass dropped. The rave was in session.

It was an energetic set by Martin. Bass drop after bass drop had the crowd jumping and screaming. When he played his hits the crowd got even more hype. In usual EDM fashion, he instructed the crowd and they followed. Martin Garrix came, he saw, he conquered.

It was time for the main act, yep Major Lazer. This caused an influx of teens pushing to get to the front of the stage and their intro was nothing short of epic.

In the usual fashion, Diplo had his dancers and his MC Walshi Fire who hyped up the crowd. Some screams were ear shattering and it didn’t help when Diplo took off his shirt.

Major Lazer’s set was explosive; they went all out. After playing a few hits that had the crowd jumping, he brought on dancehall icon Sean Paul, to perform the hit they did then Tarrus Riley and then he performed the hit song he did with Ellie Goulding.

Next on stage was Chronixx who dropped some hits then a special treat when Tarrus and Chronixx went accappella both dropping their hits one after the other the crowd sang along to every word.

And that still wasn’t it. Major Lazer brought on two other female artists they have done songs with. During the set and the teens sang every word and here I thought I knew EDM.


Worth mentioning was Diplo did his crowd surf by getting into his bubble ball, running across the crowd and back to the stage. Then they still gave us more. The visuals were stunning, the dancers killed it; it was just an explosive set.

I was parched from the constant jumping but couldn’t move to get a drink or I’d lose my spot. As I watched the crowd of teens jump and rave to hit after hit, I could say with certainty that EDM has reached JA. If not my generation then definitely the next.

Visit my iG page (shermz_partyheart) for clips of the event.


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