Utopia Coconut Grove Dec.26.2015

Utopia: the party that brings out the upper echelon of Jamaican society; the grown, the sexy, the successful. (You certainly won’t see my circle of friends here, won’t front). At $16,000 a pop for men and $14,000 for women, it’s no wonder why.

Don’t cuss a badword just yet. Utopia is the kinda party that gives value for money and an experience only few parties are able to achieve and this staging was no different.

I’ve always praised Utopia for the unique venues they choose to stage their events and this time it was at Coconut Grove, located in St. Catherine near Caymanas’ Polo Club.


This was a spacious venue complete with Appleton and Sky Vodka bars offering the best in spirits and rum, a food court with an array of choices ( Jamaican, Italian,  Indian) desserts and pastry bars ( ice creams, chocolates, cherries soaked in rum covered in white chocolate) detox bars (coffee and soup) for those who will go too hard, even a bar just for wines and champagne. All this surrounded a small lounge area, complete with a huge dance floor facing the stage encompassed by towering coconut trees.


Unlike most parties in JA where patrons like to arrive fashionably late, by 11:30 pm droves of patrons arrived and soon it was a packed venue. Everyone ate, drank and danced the night away.

This wasn’t your raunchy dancehall crowd, so music selection was a mix of pop, hip hop and EDM infused with a little dancehall. However, one thing everyone loves is  80-90s danchall and who better to mix it than veteran DJ Collin Hinds, who had the dancefloor packed with patrons having a blast.


In usual Utopia fashion, they brought something different and this staging they had a violinist perform on stage. The performance was ok but not enough to entice the crowd as that was something new to the Jamaica crowd. Soon after it was back to the DJ.

A high tempo carried on into the early morning with some soca music to get everyone whining and some 70-80s pop songs for the ladies. The champagne flowed, the food was abundant and so was the vibes. This was yet another successful Utopia event grooving in the groves.

Visit and follow IG@shermz_partyheart for video clips/pics of this and other events


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