Chill Glow edition Dec.27.2015

CHILL!!!..yet again i’m not telling you to calm down, it’s the name of the party:  Chill.This time around it happened at a different time but the same venue, which was the Kingston Polo Club, and same price for tickets: $7,000 for men 6,000 for women. It was also ultra drink and food inclusive and this was dubbed the GLOW edition.

Gates opened at 6 pm but if you know Jamaicans by now no one showed up that time. I got there around 8 pm and a few patrons had arrived. Once you entered you were given a shot of Smirnoff vodka. I’m not sure what flavor it was but it was good and STRONG. Right after, you had the option to take a picture at the chill banner then collect your signature chill drink cup.
The set up was well done. There were 4 bars strategically set up around the venue serving premium alcohol from baileys rum cream, red and white rum, beers, wine to every Smirnoff vodka flavour. you had the sky boxes and VIP section behind the DJ booth. Around the back the food court served up hamburgers, jerk chicken and pork, soup, pasta, along with a booth serving pizza hut and Haggen Daaz ice cream.

The early vibe was facilitated by DJ Kamal Bankay as he played some tunes to keep the early patrons entertained while promoters walked around handing out glow accessories. I got myself a glow chain and then headed to the bar, filled my cup of some Bailey’s rum cream and just tuned into the early vibe.
As the venue began to got filled, the promoter of the party Richie D took over  on the ones and twos and raised the tempo. He played some hits to get the crowd moving myself included and a consistent vibe carried on into the night. By 11 pm the venue was packed with patrons partying.
With a switch of  DJs the tempo increased with hit after hit song being played. There were good transitions between the genres from pop, hip hop to dancehall and even soca. There wasn’t a dull moment. And at 12 am the party was already at its peak which had me saying to myself I got 2 more hours of drinking and dancing to do 😎😁
The bars were kept busy with patrons refilling their cups but you got your drink with relative ease. The only waiting was at the food court as patrons tried to satisfy their cravings. It went on like this for the remainder of the night; patrons danced, drank and raved into the early morning. I even ended up leaving around 2 am and the party was still in full swing. CHILL was definitely one of the best parties to close out 2015 and again despite the name theres nothing chill about this party. (thats a good thing)

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