MAPS The ultimate day rave (pool party)

Pool parties are nothing new to the Jamaican diasporia but they tend not understand the concept of what a pool party is.. Why do I say this? Because the majority will come to a pool party and pose at the pool side instead of getting in.

They seem more concerned with profiling and image rather than enjoying the party. Girls will dress in sexy bikinis just to take pics for Instagram so aside from parties like Extreme Wet and Wild, persons rarely go into the pool at these kinds events.


So with MAPS, the ultimate day rave, I hope that trend would be broken. This staging is the anniversary edition and was held at the Caymanas Golf Club; not the open lot where most parties like Chill and others are kept. It was held inside the club itself which comes complete with amenities like a pool (of course), bathroom and adequate parking.

Staying true to the concept of a day rave, this party was scheduled to begin at 12pm but given Jamaican party peeps’ bad habit of going to parties late, no one would show up that early. Even after reaching there 4pm, no one was there except media personnel and the promo girls.


Tickets were 2,500 pre-sold 3,000 at the gate and 4000 VIP (food and drink).
The set up was done well. There were sky lounges, a swim up bar inside the pool, a bar for bottles service and food court in the back. In the pool were the ladies in their swimsuits and bikinis 😎 with beach balls and floating tables for you to rest your drink on.

Music was provided by the likes of Copper Shot, DJ Nicco and Team Sheella (never heard of em). The DJ played some classic early 90s dancehall and hip hop to entertain the early birds. We went and got a drink at the pool bar. The options were Appleton Rum, a new brand of vodka on the market called Exclusiv and good old Wray and Nephew white rum with your choice of Coke, Schweppes, fruit punch and Boom energy drink to chase it.

When we wanted to refill we were instructed that we would need to come into the pool. I assumed this was an attempt to get as much people to come in as possible. With these posers, that rule wasn’t gonna be enforced long but we didn’t have an issue. We took off our shoes, secured our phones and jumped in.

Now closer to 6pm, patrons started to roll in and as expected some were fully dressed in jeans and jackets. The women came with their hair all done up; some were even wearing dresses so you know who wasn’t going into the water right? By nightfall, the venue was crowded. The rule of not serving liquor worked for a while which forced some patrons to buy bottles (sure the promoters don’t mind) and some ladies did enter the water but only to get liquor for themselves and friends then came out.

The rule didn’t last long though as a majority didn’t come in the water as expected and there were just about 6 of us in the water with the promo girls (no complaints more girls for us). Despite that, the music was on point. There were good transitions between the genres and soon enough it was time for the ladies to “galang bad” and they sure did.


The party was at a peak by then with a good consistent vibe but I’d say the DJ catered to the girls in the pool. Soon enough a few more girls in the crowd joined in and when they saw us out numbered by the girls, like moths to a flame some men couldn’t resist anymore and jumped in to get in on the fun. Some of the girls even climbed on the pool bar to show off their dancing skills.

The majority of the crowd just stood and watched us have fun… If they were having fun? I couldn’t tell since I was too busy enjoying myself. The party winded down a little after 10pm but with liqour soaked in my system. lots of trips to the bathroom combined with lots of dancing I can say me and my friends had a blast. So, MAPS gets a thumbs up👍Β in my book.

Visit my IG@ shermz_partyheart for clips of MAPS


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