UWI Carnival Ring Road March.12.2016


And you know what that means? Girls in “tight up shorts” and costumes a “galang bad” on the road, definitely one of my favorite seasons of the year cause it’s just non stop whining and grinding and one of the events persons look forward to this time of the year is UWI Carnival.

The University Of The West Indies (UWI Mona) hosts a series of carnival based events from Thursday to Sunday, each with a different theme this one is called Ring Road where students march around the school behind trucks playing loud Soca music while they galang bad (dance).

Each hall on campus has it own costume line and band while there are some independent bands that join in on the fun. The result is a colorful display of design and sexuality as the ladies parade in their costumes and bruck out (dance).

This event usually has a huge crowd but this year’s staging had a slow start. The event didn’t start on time and the crowd was thin when the trucks set off around the campus. The trucks slowly make a trip around the circular road of the campus (hence the term Ring Road) they would make this trip about 3 times before heading back to the Students’ Union where it began.

With the second trip around Ring Road the noticeable crowd was at the APPLETON branded truck at the front and the FLOW truck while the other trucks had a few patrons scattered around them dancing.

By the final trip more patrons started to arrive- (not sure if it was the heat that kept them away even though there was a water truck to spray and cool them down) and that was a popular stop for students to dance and get soaked, but this year not so much.

So the trucks headed back to the Students’ Union where they would park and continue to play music and entertain for the remainder of the evening into the night. Now with everything  at a stand still the crowd seemed much larger and you couldn’t find your shadow if you tried.

There was a stage set up where the different halls would come and rave together along with females to display their whining skillz on a man brave enough to take her on.

One thing that I’m sure annoyed a lot of Soca lovers was the constant playing of Hip-Hop and Dancehall music by some of the DJs these trucks. Now usually with the trucks at a stand still it was up to the DJs to bring the most crowd and hype to their respective trucks with their musical selections.

But too many of them played Dancehalll and Hip-Hop, and at a SOCA event girls wanna whine and men wanna grind on them. They played Soca as if was made in the year 2014-15, that is the DJs played none of the classics from previous years, not even some Calypso.

One truck that did well to play a lot of Soca music was the NESCAFE branded truck that had a steady vibe of Soca hits and when they played Dancehall it was the kind to make the girls move but as the night went on, these DJs ran out of Soca music to play and eventually patrons slowly trickled away as the vibe died down.

It was an OK event slow start had a huge turn out at the end but didn’t live up to the previous years of UWI Ring Road Carnival.

Visit IG shermz_Partyheart for more pics n videos  photo creds to vivid pixx and Omar Spence photography


One thought on “UWI Carnival Ring Road March.12.2016

  1. drewkiercey says:

    Yea, I hear the UWI Carnivals like the #InteThursdays have been going down in recent years. In my first year at UWI Mona I went to the carnivals and about two Intes and was really disappointed. Hopefully the Guild can bring back the vibes that I heard about in the ’07/’08 years.


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