UWI Beach party March 13.2016

UWI Beach Party, the final event in UWI 4 day carnival series, took place at Sugaman’s Beach. Admission was $2500 general and $3500 VIP. The event began at 4pm and was suppose to end at 12 pm and for those who had the energy from the last 3 days of raving, this was the big finale and it didn’t disappoint.
I got there about 8pm dressed moderately in just a t-shirt and shorts and old vans, as I was looking forward to getting covered in paint while whining on some sexy females but when i arrived i was greeted by the sound of reggae music and saw a lot of people dressed fashionably well for what was suppose to be a beach j’ouvert party.

When I paid for my ticket to enter, I asked the lady if I was at the right venue because I was a bit puzzled as to the dress code and music being played. Anyhow I got some soup to help detox my liver from drinking the day before (ring road) and when I got inside there was a decent crowd spread across the beach.

There were two bars: one branded Sky Vodka and the other Appleton with a FLOW sky box in the middle and Red Bull sky box over to my right and Nescafe to the left.

The DJ booth was elevated facing towards the beach. Now at this point I’m saying to myself these patrons are well dressed for something that involves paint and water. Then it was brought to my attention it wasn’t a beach j’ouvert like previous years just a regular beach party… bummer

Now with this new found knowledge, I headed to the Sky Vodka bar to find out only Appleton rum and coke was being served. So there’s a Sky Vodka branded bar with no vodka? (curses in Russian )

I inspected the other bar and found the same thing aside from white rum and ginger wine. “Well, this should be a fun night,” I said to myself.

So i stumbled into some friends and found a spot in front facing the DJ booth and entrance and just drank and rocked to the hip hop being played, and patiently waited for the soca music. After all, this was a carnival themed party. The DJ didn’t do badly; he rocked the crowd with some old school hip hop some of which I hadn’t heard in a long time and it was the same when he switched to the dancehall.
Finally came the soca music and with a few drinks in the system I was ready to buss a sweat with some ladies. It started off slow for the ladies as most of the liquor didn’t soak in their system to get their waist line loose but it eventually got there and when it did the party was on a high for the rest of the night.

A few DJs came to play the likes of Richie Rass, Dj Green Lantern,  DJ Nico and veteran Arif Cooper. Richie Rass and Green Lantern pleased the ladies with the soca and Arif Cooper got us dancing to some old school dance hall hits. Everyone on the beach was moving but the issue I still had was the fact the DJs  wouldn’t play soca music older than 2014-15 and this lead to certain songs been played over when another DJ took over.

The last DJ to end the night was DJ Nico and he played some recent hits that were well received, but knowing that it was a soca themed event he got back into the soca music and boy did i dance. It’s been a long time since I whine that hard and the ladies weren’t backing down 😀

Eventually he played his last set of hits and the police said that was the end of it.  So despite no paint up and water and a poor selection of alcohol choices at the bar,  the DJs did well to keep the ladies active and once the ladies are happy, the men are happy.

Visit my IG shermz_Partyheart for clips of this awesome event.



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