Mello Vibes (double trouble) June 25.2016

Dammnn Damani!! Back at it again with one of Jamaicans premier old hits party Mello Vibes- this time dubbed Double Trouble. The trouble provided by DJ Marvin and Krazy Kris, two well known and established radio DJs known for their mixing prowess were playing 70s, 80s, 90s hits so its was sure to be a treat.

I arrived at 1AM to a crowed parking lot at the Mas Camp. Getting inside was fairly easy as a steady stream of persons entered the venue. Once inside you could see people as far back to the other end of the venue; it was packed, but even so you were able to move around without much hassle.
I wasted no time and made my way to one of the sky boxes to get a  better view of the party. It had a bar located right underneath so it was the perfect spot to party for the night.  DJ Marvin was at the helm playing some 70s hits and the crowd rocked and sang to each song, the crowd consisted of mostly the mature and sexy and the young (like myself) who had a love for the old hits.

The tempo was steady and progressed nicely has DJ Marvin moved from genre to genre each song getting a positive reaction from the crowd. Some Michael Jackson tunes, some Marvin Gaye, soon he played a slew of love songs that had the women swooning and the single men looking for a woman to get close to.
He then switched it up to some old school Soca and Calypso and the Soca lovers began to move. This is the kinda party the grown folk come to feel young again and the ladies whined up a storm like they were 18 and the men young and old surely didn’t mind.

Now it was Krazy Kris’s turn. Reggae and Dancehall ruled his session. Every song he played was met with a resounding “Bap Bap!” with gun fingers in the air. An onslaught of hits that brought on nostalgia for everyone at a time when dancehall and reggae was at its peak. By this time I made my way into the crowd to get a feel of the energy and nothing but constant gun fingers and shouting like Indians as Krazy Kris played some Sizzla, Buju and Capleton.

A switch again and now it was the 90s -early 2000 dancehall on which I grew up, and also a time in dancehall when there were a lot of dance moves being made. I found some friends and we followed the instructions issued in the song lyrics as we did “World Dance”, “Bogle”, “Log On” and a slew of others of that year. He even played some old school Rock ‘N Roll that had the crowd moving in unison.

It was now time for the ladies (whining time) 😉 and every man moved to a woman as the ladies got down to business moving their waists to the rhythm the men following suit. This music continued till the party began to wind down. A friend pointed out that no Hip Hop was played, I hadn’t even realised myself but alas everyone was having too much fun to notice.

I have yet to attend a oldies party that hasn’t done well due to the fact 70s, 80s and 90s was the peak of music in every genre in my opinion, so parties like Mello Vibes will forever have a good turn out for people searching for a bit of nostalgia and good music

Visit iG@shermz_partyheart for clips from this event


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