Footloose 1oth anniversary Aug 27.2016

After an island wide black out left many party goers like my self wondering if the nights events would be cancelled, it was a relief to know that Footloose: Another Premier Oldies party was still on.

Gates were to be opened at 10:00pm and by that time most of the corporate area had gotten back power and when I did I was straight out the door.

When I arrived a little after 1am, outside was packed with patrons scurrying to get inside. Tickets were $1000 presold and $1,200 at the gate with ladies being  2 for 1 before midnight.

Once inside, the venue was packed,with a bar in the middle and with 3 more strategically placed around the venue. Given the late start to the night we wasted no time and hit the bar, got our drinks and found a spot.

It was an energetic crowd filled with the grown and sexy, the old who wanna feel young again and a few misplaced young ones; you could spot them by their reaction as everyone threw up gun fingers while they stood still as the DJ’s slewed patrons with the old hits of the 70s-80s. Continue reading