Footloose 1oth anniversary Aug 27.2016

After an island wide black out left many party goers like my self wondering if the nights events would be cancelled, it was a relief to know that Footloose: Another Premier Oldies party was still on.

Gates were to be opened at 10:00pm and by that time most of the corporate area had gotten back power and when I did I was straight out the door.

When I arrived a little after 1am, outside was packed with patrons scurrying to get inside. Tickets were $1000 presold and $1,200 at the gate with ladies beingΒ  2 for 1 before midnight.

Once inside, the venue was packed,with a bar in the middle and with 3 more strategically placed around the venue. Given the late start to the night we wasted no time and hit the bar, got our drinks and found a spot.

It was an energetic crowd filled with the grown and sexy, the old who wanna feel young again and a few misplaced young ones; you could spot them by their reaction as everyone threw up gun fingers while they stood still as the DJ’s slewed patrons with the old hits of the 70s-80s.

On the ones and two’s was DJ marvin who did well with juggling the old school dancehall and reggae hits while getting positive reactions from the crowd. Then he switched it up to some old school hip hop that i hadn’t heard since high school.

A guest aritst was set to perform and we soon found out it was no other than veteran DJ Merciless who drew himself a nice crowd at front stage with some lyrical fire that resonated with patrons along with some of his hits.

Soon after it was ZJ liquid who tore it up with some 90s hits and got the crowd in a dancing frenzy and of course the whining session for the ladies. There was even some pop music like “jitterbug” and “like a virgin”. The lies the these ladies tell lol.

So it was another successful staging of Footloose; 10 years and still going strong. It just goes to show;the good classics of music, whatever the genre, will never die.

Visit my instagram shermz_partyheart for clips from this and other parties.


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