Aces @Spades lounge Oct. 14.2016

Spades Lounge is one of the many bars/lounges located in the Kingston area. Even though they’ve been open for awhile they have only recently become one of the top spots to party on a Friday night with their party series “Aces”.

Appropriately named, it had a club vibe with high energy music. Entry is $2000 for men and $1500 for females but you can get an invitation to pay a reduced price at the gate.It was also Appleton mix inclusive at the bar.

We arrived around 12am to be greeted by a long line of patrons waiting to get their invitations scanned to go inside. The place wasn’t packed but had a good crowd spread across. That was to change later in the night.

Chromatic was spinning and as he set the early vibe with some old school hip hop, patrons used this opportunity to hit up the bar to get their fill of Appleton mixes.

Soon enough the tempo increased and the dj wasted no time catering to the ladies playing some 90s dancehall that got them moving. From time to time he would switch it up to some 90s dance songs to get the whole bar moving.

The highlight of the night though was definitely for the ladies. Chromatic played an onsalught of hits that got them wild; there was song after song and even when the ladies were tired he played songs that compelled them to get down.(the kartel and aidonia variety) when it wasn’t dancehall, it was soca.

This continued for a good hour then he gave everyone a well needed break as he played some more recent songs. Everyone cooled down but he kept the tempo up with some gangsta tunes.

This night’s staging was a combination of high enegry and impeccable mixing which got my nod of approval. As we existed the venue around 2am. It was definitely a Friday night well spent.

Vist  IG@shermz_partyheart for vidz and clips of this and other events


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