BFN xams launch @Cru bar Nov.19.2016

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a review because you know, life and all, but on my nightly adventures this time I ended up at The CRU Bar for the party series called BFN.

Now if you’re looking for consistent high energy music, filled with girls dancing and whining up themselves this is NOT that kinda party. What you will find though is a lot of eye candy and you have to be well dressed. This is a rule that’s enforced unless you’re well known.

There were no complaints from me though because it was to be expected. I just always wanted to visit this place. What I didn’t expect was the ridiculous cover charge of $3,000 to enter which would explain the long men’s line i encountered as persons where trying to verifying their names.

But anyhow, we paid the money and went in and it was crowded. In hindsight its a small venue with a spacious bar and gazebos in the back. It was jam-packed with patrons to the point where one had to wiggle their way to the bar to get a drink.

The music was moderate a mixture of hip-hop, pop and some dancehall. The DJ spinning at my arrival was DJ Cruise. The most noticeable thing for the night though was whining songs didn’t play for longer than 5-10 minutes while soca got the lengthiest rotation and even then much people weren’t dancing.

In closing if you’re looking for a place to dress up and come have a drink with some friends and socialize BFN might be your place. Then again you can do that here on a regular night without the exorbitant cover charge.

PS the bar ain’t cheap either

visit my IG shermz_partyheart for more pics and clips


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