Saturdays ATD(at the devon)/spades lounge Nov.26.2016

If you’re looking for mood lighting and a tranquil surrounding with a good glass of wine or beer as you laugh and chat with your friends, then Saturday at the Devon could be your place.

Located at Devon house at the Mahogany tree Bar, you pay $1000 to enter, then you hit up the bar for your choice of alcoholic beverages (price not cheap) with tables and seating for groups.

There is music, and although it’s moderately loud, but you can still chat among your peers. Aside from the bar under the tree, there is space on the inside for lots more people and dancing but sadly tonight didn’t bring out a big crowd, probably due to the long list of events happening that night.  

But we made the best of it as we got some drinks and rocked to the 90s Dancehall and hip hop that played., It was a chill mood. I’ll have to return another night to give a proper review but for now we wanted to dance so it was off to Spades Lounge for the short-shorts edition


At 2am the party was in full swing with Dj Narity at the helms, we wasted no time by getting some drinks and joined the fray. The vibe was good: a combination of Dancehall, Hip Hop and Soca. The tempo was consistent and had everyone dancing and wining into the wee hours of the morning. Kick out!! 

Even after we left the party was still going. so spades lounge gets another tick of approval from me as a premier spot to party whether it be a Friday or Saturday night.

Visit my IG @shermz_partyheart for clips and vids


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