Tahiti kabanas @boardwalk beach Nov.27.2016

Tahiti Kabanas presents “Trip to Ibiza”, a Hawaiian themed beach party with cabanas for rent for the big spenders who like to feel exclusive as they look at us common folk while indulging in their bottle service, getting served by their personal waitress lol.

But jokes aside, what drew me to this event is the price of $2,500 at the gate and an early bird price of $1,500. Not to mention it’s mixed DRINK INCLUSIVE! If you’ve been following my blog you know how rare it is to find a drink inclusive event in this price range.  

Gates open at 2pm and ends at 11pm, but you already know the typical Jamaican party-goer behaviour, so you arrive around 5pm. We got there at 6pm and there was no on inside except for maybe 3 persons and the staff. This late turn out is probably a result of rain falling earlier in the evening.

Now with this price range, one might think only low end alcoholic would be offered, but gladly the bar was stacked with Appleton Special, Sky and Smirnoff vodka with your choice of chaser. In VIP you had the option of food along with Sperone branded champagne.   Music would be provided by Dj Richie Ras for the Soca, EDM and Flabba and Dj Venom for Dancehall and everything else. So the warm up music was the old school Dancehall and Hip Hop, while patrons trickled in and by later into the night, the venue was full.  

The music selection was good. Each Dj did a great job of raising the tempo and maintaining it, but the real vibes started when the 90s whining songs started to play and the ladies broke loose, especially in the VIP section. The vibes was lit and it was like that for the remainder of the night as the Djs played for the ladies (no complaints from the men).

So even though it had a slow start, it certainly had a great finish. Reasonable entry fee, premium liquor, a good variety of food and great vibes- Tahiti Kabanas was a party well done.

Visit @IG shermz_partyheart for clips and pics of this and other events 


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