Major lazer and friends Nov. 16.2016

Major Lazer kill dem!!! Here back for the fifth consecutive time in Jamaica is what now seems to be the annual “Major Lazer and Friends” concert at the Mas camp. The trend of EDM and Dubstep music is definitely growing among the Jamaican populace- especially the younger generation because it was a ‘teen fest’ last year which you’d know if you read my review.

So just like last year, early bird tickets are $3,000, $4,000 pre-sold and $5,000 at the gate and nope it’s not drink inclusive so you have to buy your own liquor, unless you’re in VIP and that price tag wasn’t advertised so you can imagine how much that was. I guess they have to try to control how many teens had access to the bars even though they checked ID and issued drinking bands.

The price list wasn’t bad. You had your choice of Bacardi red and white rum for $300 with your choice of chaser. There was also Carib beer and anything else like Grey Goose vodka would be for $500. Music was provided by Kamal Bankay for the warm up of EDM and Pop music, after that it was Chromatic who switched it up by playing some Dancehall and Hip Hop before the main event got started.

In Major Lazer style, they made a hype entrance followed by the bass drop and the screaming and jumping ensued. They played their different hits while Walshy Fire interacted with the crowd and Diplo did his usual crowd surfing where he jumps into his ball and walks across the crowd of screaming fans. (Visit my IG for that clip)

There were a few guest performances- one was Richie Stephens doing a tribute to the legendary reggae singer Garnet Silk with the son of the late singer who sounds just like his father but given the young demographic of the crowd it flew right over their heads but good intention nonetheless.

After that, Protégé came on stage and gave a lively performance doing one of his new hits but the crowd erupted in a frenzy when he was joined by Chronixx and both gave a spirited performance singing their hits and was well received. Chronixx and Major Lazer then performed together doing a few songs including the collaboration: “Blaze up the fire”- the vibe was lit.
Soon after, it was Sean Paul who sang the song he did with Major Lazer “Come on to me” and a wining session ensued before they finally slowed down the tempo. They took the standard pic with the crowd then played one last song before closing with a bang and graffiti everywhere.

Another good show by Major Lazer even though it seemed a bit rushed in the beginning and some of the sets were the same as last year but in the end- still a good show. Was it worth the price tag? Well depends on how much you like the music.

Check out shermz_partyheart @IG to see the clips from the show


2 thoughts on “Major lazer and friends Nov. 16.2016

  1. drewkiercey says:

    I never went but from what I heard it was not worth the price tag.
    “I saw the whole of Jamaica’s 1% at the party” is all I was hearing…

    The performances were nice and the lights and pyrotechnics were better that last year but the consensus for me was that the party neva shot.


    — Blessings


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