YUSH 90s VS 2000s Dec. 24.2016

If you know me, you know I repeatedly say “if you play 90s and early 2000s music at any event, it cannot fail” and YUSH personifies this. YUSH is a premier old hits party that believes in ‘no long talking, just straight music’. They played the best of the 90s and early 2000s Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Soca, and everything else.

This edition was dubbed 90s vs 2000s with DJs facing off each other to prove which era of music is the best. In the 90s corner there was ZJ liquid and Delano from Renaissance Disco. Representing for the 2000s was Chromatic and Chopper Shot so this was sure to be a treat.

Tickets would run you about $3,500 pre-sold and $4,500 at the gate. Not to worry as it was drink inclusive and $6,000-$7,000 for VIP (food and drink inclusive). To get inside you have to walk through a passage with mural paintings of the greats, dead and alive, whether it be Dancehall and Hip Hop, it was a nice touch and sets the tone for the event.

Inside was a nice set up with a dance floor in the middle, a bar to the left with a food and soup section in the far corner. To the right was another bar and elevated VIP section and in front was the stage set up with the DJ booth with ZJ liquid warming up the patrons strolling in playing some 90s hits.
The bar was impressive as well, you had the choice of red and white wine, Magnum Tonic wine, Sky Vodka, Wray and Nephew rum, rum cream, Appleton and my favourite beer, Heineken- you don’t have to ask which one I got first. We began to drink and hold a vibes as the patrons steadily came in and within an hour, the venue was packed- even the VIP.

With the venue full, the DJs turned up the tempo competing against each other, playing some of the best hits some I haven’t heard sine high school. Almost every song was welcomed with a resounding “BAP BAP!” from the crowd, regardless of the genre. The Hip Hop session was good, it had me rapping word for word to some classic hits. It switched up to Soca for the ladies then right back to Dancehall again.

It was basically like this for the whole night, the tempo didn’t drop and with the liquor flowing and the people dancing- the vibes was good. I buss so many blanks my throat was sore the next morning but YUSH delivered and with a full dose of nostalgia. I can see why it’s one of the premier oldies party.

Visit IG@shermz_partyheart for clips from this event.


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