Here we are again; another Christmas and back again at the super ultra inclusive event which is UTOPIA. It was dubbed Aluna this time around. If you haven’t read my previous reviews on this annual event, lemme just tell you it’s an event that caters to the upper echelon of Jamaican society.  Here our motto: “out of many one people”, really comes to light, as there’s a diverse mix of ethnicity and the majority live in Jamaica despite their race.

Now that doesn’t mean the common folk like myself can’t attend this event but it’s either you got deep pockets or you just gotta save for it as tickets will run you about $17,000JMD. However, ladies go for $14,000JMD (that’s if you miss the early birds), but you get the point: it ain’t cheap. I know you’ll scoff and say you must be crazy spending so much money on an event but it ain’t tricking if you got it and being a budget spender I can tell you it’s worth every dime.

At Utopia, everyone is a VIP. Everything offered is top-notch; the food is 5-star cuisine with a wide range of options. They got everything from soups to main course to desserts, there is no finger food here. The alcohol is top shelf with Absolut Vodka, Appleton VX, champagne, red and white wine to alcoholic slushies. Basically, your liver will hate you if you choose to indulge and with the price tag you pay you sure as hell gonna.

 The dress code ranged from classy, sexy and elegant to some who just chose to wear a shorts and slippers. I mean, who cares about appearance when your bank account is loaded lol. But anyway, having an uptown crowd doesn’t mean it’s boring. These people know how to party and with Renaissance Disco at the helm, there was a good combination of music. 

You might not hear the raunchy stuff from your regular street dance but it was good enough to make them bruck out and they sure did. While most people would tap out by 2-3am these guys partied straight up to 6am. 

So yet again, it was another successful  staging and if you’re a promoter or plan to get into planning events, Utopia is the standard you hope to achieve. Even though the price tag might deter a lot of party goers, they know who they’re catering for and if you ever wanna give it a shot, just know it’s worth every penny.


Visit IG@shemz_partyheart for clips


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