CHILL JA. Dec.27.2016

Chill!!! We’re back at another staging of ‘CHILL Jamaica’  at the Kingston Polo Club in Caymanas estate  and this time they came to impress as the set up inside the venue was impeccable. There was a bar at the entrance to serve guests coming in and the usual Chill banner for the photo-op and selfies. When you step in you’re greeted by the dance floor in the centre with elevated VIP booths on your left and right and the big Chill LED lights in front, flanked by two bars.

Tickets will run you about $6,000-$7,000; it’s a food and drink inclusive event and I’m not talking about finger food. You have your choice of pasta, pizza, curry goat and rice, burgers, pork, soup, and the bar is just as good there is rum cream, wine, beers, Appleton, vodka, etc. You have options to damage your liver if you so choose.

The party is scheduled to begin at 4:00pm but we know better so no one showed up until around 7:00 pm and by 9:00 pm is when everyone decided to show up. The venue was then packed- so much so that cups and ice were finished at the bars but that issue was soon resolved. These people came to drink!

Now food and liquor needs to be complemented by good music and CHILL had plenty of that with Jazzy T and Richie D himself at the booth. They delivered hits from every possible genre to keep patrons moving.

The transitions were good old school Dancehall, Hip-Hop, some Pop music then some Soca. The newer stuff came later in the night. There wasn’t a dull moment and the patrons drank and danced into the early morning so again it might be named ‘CHILL’ but the vibe is far from it.

Visit @IG shermz_partyheart for videos clips n highlights


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