Pan Di plaza Jan.28.2017

“Pan Di Plaza”, no, not the Gaza – is a dancehall theme party that gained a strong following last year, so much so that it took forever to get inside so we opted to leave. But this year, I decided I’m gonna give it a try and arrive earlier this time around.

It was held at Twins Gates Plaza, a bigger venue than the previous one. It was $1000 to enter and then you buy out the bar, I don’t usually go to dances but when there’s a mixture of middle class and uptown patrons, things tend to be a bit more civilized from my experience. Oh and the girls be looking sexy as hell!

Got to the venue around 12:15am and quite a lot of people were there but were just outside, waiting on the right time to enter. To beat that crowd we made our way inside, grabbed us a table and found our spot for the night.

It wasn’t till around 1am when everyone decided to enter and in no time the venue was packed. Around that time was the first DJ, Paul Michael (I think) from New York who took the reigns to warm up the crowd, he did an ‘ok job’ playing some songs and trying to engage the crowd but most were still sober and buying their liquor at the bar.

The vibes started when the second DJ of the night, DI unit, with selector Bada Bling, took over and turnt up the tempo. If you been to dances you know selectors like to chat and I hate it, but Bada Bling was quite engaging and entertaining giving a hyped up intro to most of the songs played which patrons responded with “BAP BAP” or spray torches in the air.

Next was Creep from Chromatic and their job was to maintain the tempo DI unit had and they did a good job catering to the ladies playing a slew of whining songs so they ladies could carry on bad and this carried on till around 3:30am when police decided to shut the party off.

As the locals would say “Pan Di Plaza was a good look” (it went well). The vibe was right, the liquor flowed, and the ladies were plenty. I missed out on “Mello Vibe” but “Pan Di Plaza” was definitely a good alternative.

Check out my @IG shermz_partyheart for clips from this and other event.


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