Bacchanal beach jouvert April.15.2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a written review but I had to write one for this year’s “Beach Jouvert” at the Grizzly Plantation Cove in Ochi Rios- something I’ve always wanted to go but either didn’t have the funds or the ride.   

Speaking of funds, the price to attend “Beach Jouvert” is horrendous. It is nothing short of ridiculous; pre-sold tickets going for $6,500 and $7,500 at the gate. They had an early bird option of $5,500 which is still a pretty penny.   

Now for this price you’re only getting drinks, no food. If you wanted food, get ready to shell out over $10k for VIP. You do get nice accessories like your choice of hats to help with the sun, sun glasses, and lil’ Hawaiian style flower necklace.  

It was off to a slow start as most patrons took to the shade to hide from the sun while others took to the beach. The range of alcohol options were good- from beers to rum cream, wines, Appleton VX, your choice of Smirnoff vodka and more.  

Around 4:00 pm the tempo increased and patrons started to galang bad,  by this time a steady stream of patrons started to flow in as the sun went down but it wasn’t until the paint came out that everyone bruck loose and the chaos ensued. 

Also FINALLY the DJs played some Soca hits from the early 2000s.   By night fall it was packed and the vibes continued. Destra performed (what a woman sexy!) and gave an energetic set along with Farmery Nappy and this continued until the end of the event.  

So in conclusion, painted bottoms, good alcohol, and a proper playlist made for a great experience but they could’ve offered that experience with a lower entry fee or at least make food included. Also, if they raise the price next year, it could very well be my first and last “Beach Jouvert”.

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