FridaysATD (at the devon) 

After a lengthy hiatus the evening chill event that was SaturdaysATD is now FridaysATD with new sponsors “MOET” and kept at the new “Reggae mill bar” instead of the “Mahogany tree bar” on the same grounds of Devon house.

This series started awhile back but I finally got a chance to check it out and unlike last time that didn’t have a big turnout this staging was packed.

Still $1,000 to enter there was now more space it still had good mood lighting and moderately loud music, so that persons can chat amongst peers while sipping on their choice of alcohol.

It’s definitely a uptown vibe with ladies well dressed and men clad in button-down to plain t-shirts but not because it’s uptown means it’s boring, the DJ played a good mixture of genres from hip-hop, soca to dancehall even though he had to get a little nudge from the ladies that they wanted to dance now lol.

Overall it’s was a good experience if you want a spot to unwind on a Friday night grab some beers or a glass of wine while chatting it up or even hit the dance floor FridaysATD can surely provide it.

Visit IG:@ shermz_partyheart for highlights of this and other events.


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