Tahiti kabanas @boardwalk beach Nov.27.2016

Tahiti Kabanas presents “Trip to Ibiza”, a Hawaiian themed beach party with cabanas for rent for the big spenders who like to feel exclusive as they look at us common folk while indulging in their bottle service, getting served by their personal waitress lol.

But jokes aside, what drew me to this event is the price of $2,500 at the gate and an early bird price of $1,500. Not to mention it’s mixed DRINK INCLUSIVE! If you’ve been following my blog you know how rare it is to find a drink inclusive event in this price range.   Continue reading


UWI Beach party March 13.2016

UWI Beach Party, the final event in UWI 4 day carnival series, took place at Sugaman’s Beach. Admission was $2500 general and $3500 VIP. The event began at 4pm and was suppose to end at 12 pm and for those who had the energy from the last 3 days of raving, this was the big finale and it didn’t disappoint.
I got there about 8pm dressed moderately in just a t-shirt and shorts and old vans, as I was looking forward to getting covered in paint while whining on some sexy females but when i arrived i was greeted by the sound of reggae music and saw a lot of people dressed fashionably well for what was suppose to be a beach j’ouvert party.

When I paid for my ticket to enter, I asked the lady if I was at the right venue because I was a bit puzzled as to the dress code and music being played. Anyhow I got some soup to help detox my liver from drinking the day before (ring road) and when I got inside there was a decent crowd spread across the beach.
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Fame95 beach party Nov.29.2015

One of the best radio stations in Jamaica is no doubt fame 95 Fm; with some of the most renowned DJ’s in house, some of them even made their names playing on this station.

Now and then, Fame 95 likes to host its own series of parties for its loyal fans WPF was one of them, WPF (wet, foam, paint): the Dancehall vs Soca edition held was at Boardwalk Beach…so you know what that means? Girls in short shorts ready to get wet 🙂

General admission was $800 and $2500 drink & food inclusive for the stush folks who don’t wanna get wet.
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Utopia August 1st 2015

Utophia a community or society possessing highly desirable or near perfect qualities. And in terms of a party the event called UTOPIA gave you just that.
Kept at the hidden gem called paradice beach located in trelawny Jamaica, a beautiful beach off the beaten path.

Tickets were $9,500 ($80US) for the ladies and $12,500 ($110US) for the gents, invites came in the form of envelops that weren’t to be opened until one got there. But don’t let the price frighten you cause you got your money’s worth.

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Forever Beach (SPF WEEKEND)

SPF Weekend: a summer party series fairly new, just about 3 years old, but with a similar theme to its older counter parts ATI (no longer kept) and Dream Weekend (which is a weekend of non stop partying). SPF is the new kid on the block and has made a name for itself with its signature event Soirée (more on that later)

The first event on the list is one called Forever Beach, formerly called Fiction Beach. The theme is a bonfire beach party kept at Dunn’s River Falls beach. Sounds pretty awesome right? The ticket ran you about 10k JMD or 90 USD.

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Beach Bums July 25.2015

Beach Bums: one of the most anticipated parties of the summer hosted by Smirnoff Ice.  Unlike your regular beach party, this isn’t kept on some beach. Nope. You gotta drive to the parish of Port Royal then take a boat or yacht (depending on how much you got) and traverse the Caribbean Sea to a little island called Maiden Cay. Tickets are $3,500 pre-sold and $4,000 at the gate, or in this case, shore. Food and drink are inclusive.

The most interesting part of my day came when I reached the harbour. I didn’t have the mula (money) to board a yacht so I had to settle for a banana boat (that fisher men use) and there were plenty of them waiting to bring patrons to the island at a cost of $1,000 for a round trip.

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