Pan Di plaza Jan.28.2017

“Pan Di Plaza”, no, not the Gaza – is a dancehall theme party that gained a strong following last year, so much so that it took forever to get inside so we opted to leave. But this year, I decided I’m gonna give it a try and arrive earlier this time around.

It was held at Twins Gates Plaza, a bigger venue than the previous one. It was $1000 to enter and then you buy out the bar, I don’t usually go to dances but when there’s a mixture of middle class and uptown patrons, things tend to be a bit more civilized from my experience. Oh and the girls be looking sexy as hell!

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Black and white Affair july 25th 2015

We call it Dance!! No not like what you have at prom. This is the Jamaican version DANCE. The kinda parties that helped put dancehall on the map where selectors (DJ’s) juggled music with promising artist doing freestyle. Things have changed since then with these parties being more hardcore and selectors doing more talking than playing music. If you want to catch the old school vibe, where the original Rum heads (drunks) entertained with some stylish dance moves and the DJ’s played the old hits, then follow me as I journey to the country side (rural) of Manchester to a place called Comfort Hall.
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