Premium all white 

“Premium All white” is back again at the sora Japanese sky lounge on Phoenix avenue $1,000 pre-sold $1,500 at the gate and guess what? Its food inclusive something rare to find in that price range these days.

But there’s a compromise you won’t find any mixed liquor at the bar you’ve got to buy bottles and you got options from rum to vodka, red/white wine, Hennessey for the ballers and Bailey’s rum cream for the ladies. Continue reading


FridaysATD (at the devon) 

After a lengthy hiatus the evening chill event that was SaturdaysATD is now FridaysATD with new sponsors “MOET” and kept at the new “Reggae mill bar” instead of the “Mahogany tree bar” on the same grounds of Devon house.

This series started awhile back but I finally got a chance to check it out and unlike last time that didn’t have a big turnout this staging was packed.

Still $1,000 to enter there was now more space it still had good mood lighting and moderately loud music, so that persons can chat amongst peers while sipping on their choice of alcohol.

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Footloose short shorts edition 

And we are back again at another staging of the premier old hits party “FOOTLOOSE” (the ‘Short Shorts’ edition) at the Mas Camp. Now I love to see my women clad in their sexy shorts so it was a no brainer where I was ending up tonight.

Tickets were a $1000 presold and $1,200 at the gate. There were also 2 for 1 deals for the ladies so you know they would be out in numbers. I arrived around 12am to a long line of patrons trying to get in. Once inside, patrons were spread across the venue, with a huge bar placed in the centre.

The party was still in the warm-up stages as patrons made their way in, but the DJ playing took a long time to step up the tempo. The vibes really started when ZJ Liquid took the reigns and played some Calypso and Soca hits and got everyone moving. 

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Bacchanal beach jouvert April.15.2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a written review but I had to write one for this year’s “Beach Jouvert” at the Grizzly Plantation Cove in Ochi Rios- something I’ve always wanted to go but either didn’t have the funds or the ride.   

Speaking of funds, the price to attend “Beach Jouvert” is horrendous. It is nothing short of ridiculous; pre-sold tickets going for $6,500 and $7,500 at the gate. They had an early bird option of $5,500 which is still a pretty penny.   

Now for this price you’re only getting drinks, no food. If you wanted food, get ready to shell out over $10k for VIP. You do get nice accessories like your choice of hats to help with the sun, sun glasses, and lil’ Hawaiian style flower necklace.   Continue reading

Pan Di plaza Jan.28.2017

“Pan Di Plaza”, no, not the Gaza – is a dancehall theme party that gained a strong following last year, so much so that it took forever to get inside so we opted to leave. But this year, I decided I’m gonna give it a try and arrive earlier this time around.

It was held at Twins Gates Plaza, a bigger venue than the previous one. It was $1000 to enter and then you buy out the bar, I don’t usually go to dances but when there’s a mixture of middle class and uptown patrons, things tend to be a bit more civilized from my experience. Oh and the girls be looking sexy as hell!

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CHILL JA. Dec.27.2016

Chill!!! We’re back at another staging of ‘CHILL Jamaica’  at the Kingston Polo Club in Caymanas estate  and this time they came to impress as the set up inside the venue was impeccable. There was a bar at the entrance to serve guests coming in and the usual Chill banner for the photo-op and selfies. When you step in you’re greeted by the dance floor in the centre with elevated VIP booths on your left and right and the big Chill LED lights in front, flanked by two bars. Continue reading


Here we are again; another Christmas and back again at the super ultra inclusive event which is UTOPIA. It was dubbed Aluna this time around. If you haven’t read my previous reviews on this annual event, lemme just tell you it’s an event that caters to the upper echelon of Jamaican society.  Here our motto: “out of many one people”, really comes to light, as there’s a diverse mix of ethnicity and the majority live in Jamaica despite their race. Continue reading