CHILL JA. Dec.27.2016

Chill!!! We’re back at another staging of ‘CHILL Jamaica’  at the Kingston Polo Club in Caymanas estate  and this time they came to impress as the set up inside the venue was impeccable. There was a bar at the entrance to serve guests coming in and the usual Chill banner for the photo-op and selfies. When you step in you’re greeted by the dance floor in the centre with elevated VIP booths on your left and right and the big Chill LED lights in front, flanked by two bars. Continue reading


Major lazer and friends Nov. 16.2016

Major Lazer kill dem!!! Here back for the fifth consecutive time in Jamaica is what now seems to be the annual “Major Lazer and Friends” concert at the Mas camp. The trend of EDM and Dubstep music is definitely growing among the Jamaican populace- especially the younger generation because it was a ‘teen fest’ last year which you’d know if you read my review.

So just like last year, early bird tickets are $3,000, $4,000 pre-sold and $5,000 at the gate and nope it’s not drink inclusive so you have to buy your own liquor, unless you’re in VIP and that price tag wasn’t advertised so you can imagine how much that was. I guess they have to try to control how many teens had access to the bars even though they checked ID and issued drinking bands. Continue reading

Smirnoff Tommy Trash veiwing party Aug. 21.2015

Smirnoff viewing party from Los Angeles: A live performance streamed on a big screen for patrons in Kingston and Ochi Rios to view. The person performing tonight was EDM DJ Tommy Trash..ever heard of him? Me neither, but being a big EDM fan I wanted to check it out.

Kept at Terra Nova pavillion in Kingston, the only way to experience this event was by invite and to get that patrons had to answer quizzes on Smirnoff Facebook page. I don’t usually have luck with these kinda things but I tried my luck and answered the question online and VOILA!! I had won two tickets. Continue reading