Bacchanal beach jouvert April.15.2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a written review but I had to write one for this year’s “Beach Jouvert” at the Grizzly Plantation Cove in Ochi Rios- something I’ve always wanted to go but either didn’t have the funds or the ride.   

Speaking of funds, the price to attend “Beach Jouvert” is horrendous. It is nothing short of ridiculous; pre-sold tickets going for $6,500 and $7,500 at the gate. They had an early bird option of $5,500 which is still a pretty penny.   

Now for this price you’re only getting drinks, no food. If you wanted food, get ready to shell out over $10k for VIP. You do get nice accessories like your choice of hats to help with the sun, sun glasses, and lil’ Hawaiian style flower necklace.   Continue reading


Heineken Rio April 3.2016

Carnival season is almost over in Jamaica so the culmination of events is the big finale: the road march, which is the parading of flamboyant costumes, beautiful women and revellers as they dance and wuk up a storm through the corporate area blocking off roads.

Now this events used to be free for everyone but now to be a part of it you have to join a band and to do so you either have to buy a costume or be apart of the t-shirt section. Simple right? Nah, some bands are charging up to $31k just for the shirt so if you cant afford the price tag you just have to settle with marching from the sidelines and creating your own vibe if you got your crew. Continue reading

Bacchanal Jouvert 2016 April 1

Bacchanal Jouvert: a combination of paint and water been thrown at you from all angles while grinding to some Soca music followed by a road march around the town till morning. Sounds fun right?? It usually is and given that I missed the Beach Jouvert held recently due to its obnoxious entry fee $6000, I made it my mission to ensure I didn’t miss this one.

Held at Mas Camp, entry was $2500 at the gate (not all inclusive by the way), so you gotta buy your alcohol. Sucks right? VIP was $5000 *scoffs* but apparently we were paying to see Kes the Band perform. So I got there around 11pm ish and the venue was basically full with a lot of patrons outside and inside. I wasted no time going in.

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UWI Beach party March 13.2016

UWI Beach Party, the final event in UWI 4 day carnival series, took place at Sugaman’s Beach. Admission was $2500 general and $3500 VIP. The event began at 4pm and was suppose to end at 12 pm and for those who had the energy from the last 3 days of raving, this was the big finale and it didn’t disappoint.
I got there about 8pm dressed moderately in just a t-shirt and shorts and old vans, as I was looking forward to getting covered in paint while whining on some sexy females but when i arrived i was greeted by the sound of reggae music and saw a lot of people dressed fashionably well for what was suppose to be a beach j’ouvert party.

When I paid for my ticket to enter, I asked the lady if I was at the right venue because I was a bit puzzled as to the dress code and music being played. Anyhow I got some soup to help detox my liver from drinking the day before (ring road) and when I got inside there was a decent crowd spread across the beach.
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UWI Carnival Ring Road March.12.2016


And you know what that means? Girls in “tight up shorts” and costumes a “galang bad” on the road, definitely one of my favorite seasons of the year cause it’s just non stop whining and grinding and one of the events persons look forward to this time of the year is UWI Carnival.

The University Of The West Indies (UWI Mona) hosts a series of carnival based events from Thursday to Sunday, each with a different theme this one is called Ring Road where students march around the school behind trucks playing loud Soca music while they galang bad (dance).

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I love Soca cooler fete September 26.2015

I like soca music simply cause it involves sexy women in short shorts with round behinds shaking and whining.
One such event that provides this bliss is I LOVE SOCA cooler fete: a well known Soca party ( which means you came with your igloo full of alcohol, and friends). This staging was kept at the waterfront, downtown.


I had heard good things about this event which is why I was eager to go. Upon my arrival, there were beautiful women in their tight shorts everywhere; walking with their igloos. Eye-candy heaven! I said to myself, “This is gonna be a good night.” So I thought.

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